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Picture Trail of Bev's Mission for ARD

In Beverly J. Doucette’s opinion, and based on her wide range of experiences, personal observations in a number of adhesiolysis surgeries, as well as reviewing many adhesiolysis video tapes shared with her by victims of ARD, The “Adhesiolysis” that remains the highest quality in the “United States of America” belongs to
Dr. Harry Reich of Pennsylvania and New York, though he himself, 
claims it to be Dr. Mario of Italy!

It all started here for me, and for the world of ARD!

New York City 
 Dr. Harry Reich

July 22, 1999   5:00 P.M.

Dr. Harry Reich   New York Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center @ Beverly Doucette’s “life saving adhesiolysis!” (See Bev’s ARD Story for details)

Beverly at the Statue of Liberty

The “Three Musketeers” who went to New York for an “Adhesiolysis” with Dr. Reich in 1999!

Adhesiolysis Dates
Beverly D.  April, 1999   5 hour surgery 
         Debbie B.  July, 1999 10 hour surgery
                   Debbie K.  April, 1999  3 hour surgery

All successful and after 5 years all well and NO pain!

The quest begins for 
available in the world! 
Hoping that every victim of ARD in every country of the world has access to it, it if it were found to exist!
Every face and name of an ARD sufferer I can personally recorded the outcomes of their respective adhesiolysis procedures and any Dr. or researcher you see in this trail, I know their adhesiolysis procedure, skill level, 
areas needing review.

First Trip to Europe: July 2000 
Mary Pomroy and Beverly Doucette
Off to “Germany.”

  After doing everything we could think of to help Mary find effective surgical intervention for her symptoms of ARD, and for almost a year, with no success and from two different countries no less, we were getting discouraged and Mary found herself surrendering to the constant irretraceable pain of far to many ineffective adhesiolysis procedures! Mary’s hope was fading, as was her health, and after receiving another letter from Alberta Health Care denying her access to Dr. Reich here in the USA, Mary’s hope faded to an all time low. 
  However, MY hope remained as did my search, which took be to the  “International Adhesion Society” where another ARD sufferer, Joanne Buttman of California had just shared some enticing information about an adhesiolysis she had while in Duisburg, Germany!  This peeked my curiosity as I had been focusing my efforts on getting Mary here to the USA, which meant costs three times what the Canadian currency was worth at that time, but the German mark was pretty close to the Canadian currency, so this seemed possible to achieve, IF it offered what it seemed to offer!
  After many questions now being sent between three countries, what existed in Duisburg, Germany offered Mary a laporoscopic procedure, a surgeon who was well versed in the symptoms of ARD, offered meticulous hemostasis and sharp dissection of the adhesions, and with what then appeared to be a pretty effective adhesion barrier, coupled with compassion and understanding of ARD!  Dr. Korell presented with surgical experience, and a willingness to accept a very difficult ARD patient!  Mary presented with some “unique” physical issues aside of those related to ARD as Mary was “allergic” to almost everything one could imagine a person being allergic to. Mary and I, both educated nurses, knew this barrier could pose a threat to her where it wouldn’t have with others, but Mary was willing to subject herself to this trip, surgery and all the outcomes of it in hopes it would be successful for her and pave the way for others to follow and secure some resolution in their suffering of ARD and with what then appeared to be a pretty effective adhesion barrier not yet approved in the USA
After convincing Mary that this was possible and with me agreeing to travel with her, we started to pack, and plan the second trip to Duisburg Klinikum and Dr. Korell, only this time, I would log everything from the time we started the planning to the time we returned home to the USA, Bev, with Mary in tow to recover at our residence in Marinette, Wisconsin!
Oh, we ain’t got a barrel of money, may be ragged and funny, but we traveled along, singing our song, side by side!
      July 2000
Mary Pomroy of Calgary, Alberta, Canada Adhesiolysis with Dr. Mathias Korell in Klinikum Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany   Intergel Adhesion Barrier Used

Mary Pomroy waiting to be taken to surgery

Mary Pomroy and Dr. Mathias Korell  2 days post surgery

Holland: Mary Pomroy and Beverly Doucette “touring” Europe 6 days post of Mary’s adhesiolysis. 

Bev wondering if she can find a pair of knickers that will fit as well as these “cloppers” fit her! Hmmmm?

Bev operates a “Daycare/Pre-school” back home, likes this Holland “Daycare/pre-school” name!! 

Mary agrees that this is one, “ Smart Car,” and just her size too!

Bernie and I become “Grandparents” upon my return from Europe!
Mary Pomroy gets to share this wonderful experience with us!
Jacob Jeffrey MacDonald
August 13, 2000

“Nama Bev”  with Jacob Jeffrey MacDonald

“Bompa Bernie” with Jacob Jeffrey MacDonald

“Freedom Express” ARD sufferers from different countries descend upon Duisburg, Klinikum hoping for
“Freedom from Pain!”

November 2000 
Friends forever! 8 from the USA, 2 from Germany, 1from Belgium, 2 from Ireland, 1from Netherlands, 1from Canada

Touring Mulheim, Germany: Robin, (New Mexico, USA), Annie (California, USA) Helen (Minnesota,USA)  Sylvia (Belgium) Elker (Germany) Beverly (Wisconsin, USA) and Mary (Alberta, Canada)

Duisburg Klinikum, Germany: Mary (Alberta, Canada) Paul (Florida, USA)  Masa (California, USA)  Mark (Netherlands) Dr. Wim Schillings (Germany) Annie (California, USA) Helen (Minnesota, USA)

Duisburg Klinikum, Germany:  Paul (Florida, USA) Jim (Belfast, Ireland) Dr. Mathias Korell (Duisburg, Germany) Mary (Alberta, Canada) Seated: Lynn (Belfast, Ireland) and Laura (Maryland, USA) Beverly (Wisconsin, USA) Don & Helen (Minnesota, USA)

Touring the Cathedral in Koln, Germany: Don & Helen (Minnesota, USA) Paul (Florida, USA) Beverly (Wisconsin, USA) Mary (Alberta, Canada) Wheelchair: Laura (Maryland, USA)

Friends: Helen (Minnesota, USA) Mary (Alberta, Canada) Lynn (Belfast, Ireland) Beverly (Wisconsin, USA)

Castle in Belgium: Annie (California, USA) Beverly (Wisconsin, USA)

“Washington D. C.” Bringing “ARD” Education and Awareness to the TOP!
May 2001 

Poising with Congressman Mark Green, R Wisconsin

Visit to “Arlington” Cemetery with daughter, Christie “Cherry Blossoms in bloom while we were there!

Shopping after a visit to “ Mount Vernon” home of Pres. George Washington.

“May I have just One of these?” asks daughter Christie as she eyes up the “Hope Diamond” 
at the Smithsonian!

“First Ladies?”  Recognize anyone? 

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