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Endoscopic Training Centre Antwerp (ETCA)

On the aerial photograph of the Campus Stuivenberg one can clearly remark  the architecture from the mid nineteenth century. The turrets were separated one from the other by the garden and hence by fresh air in order to prevent the infectious diseases to spread. The first adaptation has been to connect the turrets and the last major adaptation has been finished in 1998 when the new theatres and the outpatient facilities have been added to the old frame of the hospital. On the far left of the picture, within the perimeter of the campus one remarks the psychiatric hospital, the largest in Belgium. The site has been classified as a landmark of national interest so if the ACZA wants to enlarge or to unify its campusses in one location the board of directors will have to look for a new location.


Antwerp is the largest inland sea harbour in the world and is now ranked as the fourth largest sea port in the world. Fig 4 gives you a view on the sky line seen from the left bank of the river "Schelde". Antwerp is also one of the largest centres in the world for cut diamonds. Under the impuls of the Hoge Raad voor Diamand the city is on its way to become the world centre for gems. At this moment in time Antwerp is under reconstruction.
The largest city in Flanders will emerge as a newborn city around 2010.


Research Interests Include: 

Evaluation of new endoscopic methods, prevention of pelvic and abdominal adhesions, new methods to treat myomas, endometriosis, non-incisional methods of tubal sterilization, and treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding. 


 Endoscopic Training Centre Antwerp (ETCA),

Some twenty years ago word got out that endoscopic - mainly hysteroscopic at that time - 
procedures were performed at the deparment of obstetrics and gynaecology of the 
Jan Palfijn General Hospital in Merksem, Antwerp, Belgium (head Dr. Hugo van Herendael).As applications started to come in from all over the world, the director of the hospital, Jos Verschueren, allowed for foreign doctors to be trained in his hospital. He even offered accomodation within the hospital as he believed in these new techniques.


Who Benefits From Our Training?

The training centre has been set up to be a link between classical surgery, endoscopic surgery and other novel techniques. It has been shown that endoscopic surgery is there for the sole benefit of the patients. During their stay at the centre the trainees will be immersed in :
Practical endoscopic procedures in theatre. After the initial phase they will be allowed to perform....


Classical Gynaecological Through The Laparoscope
"Laparoscopy is a way of access not a technique. " H. Reich

The way of access, this is the key to understand laparoscopic surgery be it with the classical gas pneumoperitoneum be it gassless. We cumulate the complications because we have the complications of the way of access and these of the surgical act itself. So whyperform endoscopic surgery. The patients are the only motivation. It has been shown over and over that the patient and only the patiens benefit from this type of surgery. 

International Faculty..
Not all members of the faculty will be present during every training session. 

Bettocchi Stefano                         Bari                 Italy
Beretta Paolo                               Varese             Italy
Bolis Pier Francesco                    Varese             Italy
Ghezzi Fabio                                Varese             Italy
Marana Ricardo                           Rome               Italy
Marino Leo                                  La Spezia         Italy
Mencaglia Luca                            Florence           Italy

Francx Marc                                Antwerp         Belgium
Hendrickx Leo                             Antwerp         Belgium
Totté Erik                                    Antwerp          Belgium
Van Hee Robrecht                       Antwerp          Belgium
Van Herendael Bruno                  Antwerp           Belgium
Cusumano Pino                            Liege               Belgium
De Prest Jan                                 Leuven            Belgium
De Vree Bart                               Antwerp          Belgium
Degueldre Michel                         Brussels           Belgium

Fernandez Hervé                            Paris              France
Friedman René                               Paris              France
Wattiez Arnaud                             Strasbourg      France
Hamou Jacques                              Paris              France

Labastida Ramon                       Barcelona          Spain

United Kingdom 
Lesny Pjotr                                    Hull                     UK

United States 
Pelosi   Marco                               Bayonne          USA
Reich Harry                                   New York       USA
Valle Rafael                                   Chicago           USA 

Wallwiener Dieter                       Heidelberg     Germany 

The list of the faculty is subject to changes that can occur any given time.

Dr. Bruno J. Van Herendael  Antwerp, Belgium
ACZA Campus Stuivenberg - Lange Beeldekensstraat, 267 - B-2060 Antwerp - Belgium
Tel. +32-(0)3-213.37.50 - Fax +32-(0)3-272.07.97 

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