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State Assembly Petition
Project For
Adhesion related Disease
Our goal in submitting these stipulations regarding
“Adhesion Related Disease”
is as outlined within the contents of this petition to our respective state legislators!
(See attached NYS Citation and print 2 copies please.)

We are looking to have this disease recognized and action taken to right the wrongs that
have been impacted on our lives and the lives of our fellow ARD sufferers throughout

We are depending on our local politicians, the assemblyperson to take these stipulations
as outlines in the New York State draft, create a petition that will be recognized as a
legitimate state document and can be submitted to the state legislation the state in which
you are representing as an ARD sufferer. We are asking that each state recognize the
issues represented here and create the necessary programs to implement them within our
respective states.

We are also asking that each state back the International Adhesion Societies attempts to
get these same stipulations recognized at the national level.
Without state back up, we have little power when it gets to the national levels. Thus the
need for state petitions regarding ARD now!

The material for you and your assemblyman:

I have to ask for confidentiality on all the material you will be receiving from me to
present to your state representative.

It is NOT common knowledge at this time and some of the material is a bit disturbing,
but we must get this job done and deal with the issues you and I might have regarding the
material at a later time. It will do this project no good if we prematurely offer
information that we are privy to while doing a major project of this sort…Of course I will
answer your questions regarding the material I send you, but we must focus on getting
these binders ready and out to your state rep as timely as we can.

I am NOT trying to hide any information from anyone, but the material I have is of my
own research and is not intended for the IAS public at this time. We need this
information for this project, once we have secured press releases on it as well as have
presented it to a good number of state reps, then I really don’t care what becomes known
after that. But until then, we need to deal in confidentiality, yo u will see why.

I will commit to each one of you with any and all issues you might have on the material
you received, is that okay?

I think I can have all the information to you within two weeks. I will need your home
address, as I will also be mailing some of the material via snail mail. Such as the IAS
newsletter’s ..(All information sent to me is held in great confidence and never shared.)

All you have to do to accomplish this task is:
**Make up the binders,
**Schedule a meeting with your representative,
( This can be done at your home as I did that! )
**You discuss the information in the binders,
( You deal with the issues as you feel you want to, do not think emotion will not come
into the meeting, as it cannot be separated from what your going to be discussing!! )
**You can acclimate your assemblyman to your personal suffering with ARD and any
hardships or injustices you have been subject to within your state!
(Most of your issues will parallel the stipulation presented on the draft as we all know
what we are stipulating to change has happened to each one of us personally!)
**You will ask for a time frame that your representative can get the petition ready and
presented to your state legislation.
** Ask what the process is in your state to get these issues recognized.
** Make sure your rep. is aware that the issues of a National Cover Up regarding ARD is
being released to the National Press within the next month!
**I am available to speak to any on of your reps in the event they wish to do that. Feel
free to give my address and phone number out to them.

You might be asked to make an appearance before your state legislation, you do not have
to do would help the cause, but is not necessary if your not well or up to it.

Will each of you have the capabilities to print AND make a copy of material I send
It is best to make TWO folders with the same information in each one. I use a three ring
binder as well as page covers for my copies.
One copy will be your own and the other copy is for the assemblyman.

Does anyone have the PC capabilities to print colored copies for their binders?
If so, I will make sure you have photos of persons who suffer ARD.
( Janet, I will mail your copy of the ARD “ Press Kit ” you helped with and you can use
that as well, but you will want to create a binder for the materials I will be forwarding
for the assemblyman. Your press kit does have all the color photos in it though, so I will
not send more unless you can print them out. Let me know. )

Once you secure the contacts of your Assemblyman, place it in the front of your
binder for easy access. Please send me that information as well.
I will then instruct you as to what pages go where within the binders.
We need others to get involved with this as well. It is a shame that people who are
suffering have to do the legwork too, but we who suffer ARD only have ourselves to
depend on when it comes to getting things changed for the better!! We will do this my
friends, let me know your pace and we will all adapt to it. If it becomes to much for you,
I can understand that as well.
Once I hear from each of you on your contacts for your state rep’s, print out the material,
and can create those binders without to much expense..we will get started.

To date we have:
New York

It is a start..and I greatly appreciate your willingness to step out and confront this issue of
ARD with me…together we WILL make a difference for ever!
Your friend

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New York State Assembly Citation:

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2001 – 2002 LEGISLATURE         LRB–3838/1


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Massachusetts ARD Resolution

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New Jersey

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Pennsylvania Resolution

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Minnesota ARD Resolution
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