Offering Hope and Help to the Victims of ARD Worldwide

Adhesion Related Disorder Accomplishments

United States of America” 
IS theONLYcountry in the world to do any type of 
Mass Education and Awareness Campaign for ARD! 

Lets us set this standard in hopes that education and awareness of ARD 
will encompass the world and embrace all who suffer it! 

"Adhesion Related Disorder" transends all languages and peoples.. 

ONE for ALL...All for ONE 

ARD Accomplishments 2005

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2005 Interview Harry Reich

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 Progress in Awareness 2005

#1 on Google Search 2005 !
Adhesion Related Disorder {ARD} 
"Adhesion Related Disorder" transends all languages and peoples.. ONE for ALL. ... D} 
Adhesion Related Disorder: Bev's talk to the Marinette Kiwanis Club ... - 27k - Cached - Similar pages

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ARDvark Blog Journal of Adhesion Related Disorder ARD What you .. 
 September is Adhesion Related Disorder Awareness Month. 
WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! - 89k - Cached - Similar pages

ARD Accomplishments 2004

ARD World Wide Awareness

It takes one person to start a war, takes one to end it. It takes one person to say "I care", 
and takes one not to. It takes one person to understand, it takes one to be unkind. 
It takes one to motivate a change, takes one to be negative. 

     It takes one person to make or break something, courage and bravery lies in someone to start a change in the world. 
Do you have what it takes? 
That one person could be you and you can bring a change to this world with peace. 
Think about it. 
by Kenneth Walterhouse

Accomplishments of the volunteers of the  following ARD web sites!

Claiming the #1, #2#3 and#4spots in 

 search engine for months in a row now!

Providing an Internet presence at the "International" level
(SOME of our International visitors)
China  Hong Kong Trinidad And Tobago  Singapore  Brazil  Japan Greece Spain Israel  Malaysia Thailand Pakistan Saudi Arabia  Macau  Ghana  Poland Qatar  South Africa Ireland India Philippines  Austria, Australia, Italy, Great Briton Germany Netherlands Belgium El Salvador 
New Zealand Canada Sweden Switzerland Ukraine Russia Mexico France Croatia

Launch of the NEW ARD Tri-Fold
(Printable versions and available in multi- languages, upon request)
These brochures were handed out all this month, and will not stop now!

Government Recognition for ARD Education and Awareness
recognition in 
New York, Wisconsin, Massachusetts
for ARD at state-level 
(We wrote the guidelines to secure state government recognition!) 
We also recognize those people who stepped up to the plate to secure 
Government Recognition for ARD in their states:
New Jersey
(Let's keep going with these, one in YOUR state..just ask us and we will walk you through it!)

Assisted ARD patients in obtaining disability coverage.
(We also wrote the guidelines on this to make it as easy for you as possible!)
A case in New York wins SSI SSDI Disability based on ARD!
A BIG thank you to Beverly Doucette (
and Dawn Rose (
and Gus Sisler (
for helping to prepare the Guidelines & Information.
Dawn Rose, founder of interactive ARD web site introduced 
Interactive ARD web site 
Offering support, posting forum, live chats, 
Places for fun, places that will sooth your soul, places to learn 
Meeting the needs of all who suffer chronic pain, endo and /or ARD
BY the victims of ARD, FOR the victims of ARD
Providing a Doctor data base at the 
"International" level 
(SOME of the countries we have secured "high quality" ENDOSCOPIC surgeons in and soon ALL these countries, and more, will have a surgeon listed!)
China * Hong Kong *Trinidad And Tobago * Singapore * Brazil * Japan * Greece * Spain * Israel * Malaysia  Thailand * Pakistan * Saudi Arabia  * Macau  * Ghana * Poland * Qatar * South Africa * Ireland  * India  * Philippines * Austria, Australia * Italy * Great Briton * Germany * Netherlands *  Belgium * El Salvador * New Zealand * Canada * Sweden * Switzerland * Ukraine * Russia * Mexico* France * Croatia * United States of America
VIth International Symposium on Peritoneum (PAX meeting), 
April 10-12, 2003 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
Dr. David Wiseman of the IAS presented a number of Abstracts on ARD studies! 
A special thanks to Dr. Lena Holmdahl and Bev Doucette for helping with the presentations.
“Washington D. C.” 

Bringing “ARD” Education and Awareness to the TOP!
IAS Initiate Discussions with the US Surgeon General Regarding Surgical Adhesions 

“Dr. David Wiseman,” Founder of the IAS & the United States Surgeon General, “Dr. Richard Carmona”

This meeting was arranged by: IAS International Patient Advocate and a Charter Member of the IAS : Beverly J. Doucette
Confluent Surgical, Inc."Spraygel Adhesion Barrier"
Makes It’s debut!
International Congress – Berlin, Germany
Gynecological Endoscopy and Innovative Surgery
International Society of Gynecological Endoscopy (ISGE) 
European Society of Gynecological Endoscopy (ESGE) /
German Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics and the American Association of Gynecologic (GSGA/AGE)
American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL)
International Patient Advocate and a Charter Member of the IAS: Beverly J. Doucette was honored to be a guest at this  International Congress and assisted with the arrangements for the patient from Canada who was the subject of Confluent SprayGel presentation by Dr. Mathias Korell, Duisburg, Germany.
"It's a BLOG!"
We are introdiced to the workings of a "Blog"
Dawn Rose, founder of interactive ARD web site introduced us to the new and sought after articles in a "Blog! 
Changing everyday, current and just plain interesting articles, a must see to be sure!
"Fighting On" 
The television documentary   By Bill Olson 
A profile of two 
chronic pain survivors 
VHS or DVD editions for home viewing 
Special Credit goes to the following professionals for their help with this video:
Dr. David Wiseman Phd., M.R.Pharm., Dr. Harry Reich MD, FACOG, FACS, 
International Patient Advocate Beverly J. Doucette
*** Broadcast editions In 2003, "Fighting On" won three awards! ***
Three proposals for surgical centers of excellence for: 
Endometriosis and ARD Patient
were submitted 
by Berverly J. Doucette & Dr. Harry Reich

We are proud to announce
this center as a NEW 
International Center of Excellence 
Treating the Endometriosis and ARD Patient
Endoscopic Training Centre Antwerp, Belgium (ETCA), 
Endometriosis & Adhesion Specialist 
Dr. Bruno J van Herendael

We are proud to announce 
this center as a NEW 
International Center of Excellence 
Treating the 
Endometriosis and ARD Patient 
Cayman Advanced Gynecological Surgery Centre
Surgical Center of Excellence
Cayman, Islands
Dr. Howard Daisaran  & Dr. Harry Reich

We are proud to announce
this center as a NEW 
International Center of Excellence 
Treating the Endometriosis and ARD Patient 
“Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery,” 
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 
Dr. Harry Reich MD, FACOG, FACS, 
Through the cooperative efforts of Dawn Rose and Beverly J. Doucette 
we have linked to the following organizations 
to help spread mutual awareness 
of the 
Endometriosis and ARD Patient 

ETCA - Endoscopic Training Centre Antwerp 
“Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery,” Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 
“International Adhesion Society” Dallas, Texas 
Dr.Mario Malzoni M.D. for Gynaecological Endoscopy 
“World Adhesion Foundation, Inc” Long Island, New York 
The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy (ISGE) 
“Center for Women's Care and Reproductive Surgery” Atlanta, Georgia 
St. Vincent’s Medical Center in New York and Chattanooga Tennessee. 
"The Cayman Advanced Gynecological Surgery Centre" 
Hospital Cuttings United Kingdom 
Royal Hospital For Women in Sidney Australia 
Private Practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Texas 
J. Glenn Bradley, MD Editorial Advisor 
Dr. Lena Holmdahl MD, PhD  Sweden 
Jennifer Lewis’s Endometriosis Site 
United Kingdom Adhesions Society 
Klinikum Duisburg, Germany 
Marla's Missives 
Confluent Surgical, Inc. "SprayGel Adhesion Barrier" 
Women's Surgery Group 
Endometriosis Research Center

 If your afflicted with ARD, or know someone who is, or just have it in your heart to help our cause, as with your voice joining ours, we will conquer this disorder and save others from living this life of hell! 
And Clicking here is how you can do that…

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