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Colette Patnaude’s Story
I had adhesions for 1 Years before detection 
Diagnosed on October 17, 2001
I have 3 Children
My Birthday is Saturday, May 25, 1963
I live in Tempe, Arizona USA
You can contact me at

    Hi well my adhesion started after my hysterectomy. On dec 1 2000 I had a TAH, on Oct 13,2000 had my tubes tied w/a lap. Since my surgery I've been in pain, and I've had a lot of bowel problems. I've been to the ER several times and had all kinds of blood work done, x-rays, ct scan and still nothing. I hope that I can find a dr. in this area to help find out what's going on. Ok well I'm updating my story since now i know where my problems stem from! I truly think that my adhesions stemmed from my endometriosis! I found out i had endo back in 1990 when i had my first lap done and the dr lysed my endo! I did fine for yrs although i suffered from bowel problems ulcers ect... I've always been in some kind of pain on and off but never put two and two together My daughter was born on 11/11/97! Since then I've had lots of problems! I went back to the dr that delivered my daughter and told him i wasn't feeling well he just dismissed me with pills mmmm! Well off i went to find another dr.! Finally i found the dr. i have now! Thank goodness! He did a lap on 10/13/00 and found that i had adenomyosis endo of the uterus! Well we opted to have it removed since i was done having children! So on 12/1/00 i had a hysterectomy which my uterus and cervix was taken and he left my ovaries due to my age! since then I've had bowel problems, nausea, fatigue, achy joints, high white blood cell count, and pain....! For months after my surgery I've been to all kinds of dr's! But because my pain was more left sided they all told me that it was in my head or i was constipated and the other famous saying ohh its to soon for adhesions! So i self medicated myself for as long as I could! I lost all faith in the medical system! So after awhile i felt awful my pain got worse, so i went to a gastroenterologist that my GYN suggested to me! Well My Gi dr sat and listen to me felt my tummy and said to go back to my gyn, because he thought that my endo was back and that my adhesion were the culprit! So now I'm back at my ob/gyn! I explained all the pain i was having he felt around, didn't feel anything but, ordered an ultrasound this was on a Monday. Wednesday. i went for the ultrasound! they had to do a transvaginal ultrasound ,because they couldn't find right ovary mmmm! Fri. doc. calls back and says you have a cyst on your left ovary! Now he say 2 approaches here we can do the wait and see or i can do a lap! well i opted to wait as long as i could! well the next evening i ended up in the Er on morphine from the pain! Sun. called my dr and told him what was going on , that up coming wens had another Lap 10/17/01! This confirmed what i knew all along! I was diagnosed with tons of endo adhesions and an endo cyst on my left ovary! So folks that's my story for now! Now i need to see what lays ahead! My God Bless each and everyone of us with adhesions and my we find peace within ourselves to deal with this disease! !

Since my lap on Oct. 17,2001 ! Today is May 20,2002 !
    After that lap i was put on loestrin for endo my dr. believed it would help my pain a get rid of the endo. During the lap he was unable to completely get rid of the cyst on the left ovary due to all the adhesions, so basically it was left at that! I did ok for about 4 months then the devil pain came back ! So once again i called my Dr. he insisted that i needed to be on Lupron! I really didn't want to go on lupron do to all the side effects, i point blank refused! Well since i refused he basically didn't want to help me! I begged him to go in there and take the ovaries and clean it up in there, but he never returned my phone calls! So there i sat in pain once again!!

    So I was on a mission after that to find a new Dr. that would listen to me! I had lined up several! I finally found one and he is a true blessing! I was suppose to see him until April 15th of 2002 but i called him on April 5,2002 and asked where send my medical reports and i explained to the woman on the phone what was going on and how i was hurting so, well i was in that evening after the phone call !

    When I got to his office, i poured my heart out and cried and told him of all the pain I was in in, he did an ultrasound right there and some blood work! at first he believed that the endo was causing the pain but, he said I'm not ruling out adhesions ! So we set up my next surgery! Pre-op April15,2002 and my surgery Laparotomy was April 24,2002! I'm now 4 weeks post-op again! He found extensive adhesions, my bowels were stuck together and along the abdominal wall he took both ovaries, I'm on Estrace and doing ok its a very low dose 2mg he doesn't want me on anything higher do to my endo history ! I guess i was just a plain old mess in there! Before surgery i could hardly eat at all no wonder! I'm happy to report I'm eating small portions now and doing better! My cramping stabbing pains are back but not as bad yet!! I do try to keep a positive attitude and hope and pray that some day there will be no more pain! I have a post-op appt. on May 29 ,2002 I'll know more then and tell him what is going on with me yet again! I'm able to do a little more than before its a wonderful relief ! My husband sees what i go through its hard on him and my kids!
My greatest inspiration is all of you and Jo is my hero ! I will post an update after my post-op appointment!

August 30, 2003

     Well since my last surgery in April of 2002, I did ok for about 1 year and 3 months. About a month ago I started having problems again. The pain is horrible, nausea, headaches, and fatigue is my main complaint. I have been to several doctors and I am applying for SSI . On August 20, 2003 I was admitted in the Hospital until August 26, at that time I was going to have surgery yet again to take down the adhesions. But my surgeon went on vacation so I have to wait another week to see him. I was basically in the Hospital for pain control they kept me comfortable and got my pain under control. I had IV fluids morphine and plenty of rest. And of course they did testing X-rays, CT scan, colonoscopy, blood work and of course none of it showed a thing. I have trouble eating I live on Ensure and water, juice, clear soup Popsicles , because my system can not digest very well anymore. I have since become a Christian again and turned my faith back to God again, with him I will get the peace I need and he will help me through this. As of now I'm waiting and seeing what the next step will be. I have a appointment with a trauma surgeon on September 2, 2003. to see what were going to do. I do know surgery is not the answer and I need to way my options here. I may not go for surgery but sometimes there is no choice. Maybe I can do pain management, but I will know better after we speak to the surgeon. So I spend my days in bed with pain meds and anti nausea meds and pray that each day God will help me through. I will keep everyone updated> Special thanks to Jo for Bombobeach, where I can turn and have a wonderful bunch of caring people to talk to and support each other in a time of need! I pray that there will be an answer soon on adhesions and how to prevent them, so many people suffer from this awful disease, we need a solution soon.
                        Love always


On Oct. 9,2003 I had another surgery to remove the adhesions once again, by a Different surgeon he was a general surgeon that specialized in trauma surgery. At first he started out with a scope but, could not finish that way after 2 hours he had to open me up because my colon was not where it was suppose to be and my stomach was like cement. So after a long surgery I went to recovery. and then to my room.

While still in the Hospital 2 days later my pain was intense on the left hand side. So my Doctor sent me down for a x-ray and a barium X-ray. During the Test I was in so much pain. When they were finished it took 3 people to get me off the table, the tech told me they found something and that my doctor was upstairs waiting for me.

In my room he told me that I had a Hole in my intestines and that I needed emergency surgery, so I as I was so devastated and scared to death I signed the form also stating that I might need a colscopybag ( which was one of my biggest fears)! With in 20 minutes I rush back down to surgery, to save my life.

I awoke in my room with a ng tube and cold and in pain but had my pump. My mom was by my bedside. I fought off infections nausea, pain for 17 days I was in the hospital before I came home. I thank God everyday now for my being alive! Home is a wonderful place to be after such an ordeal.

Love Colette

Update Janurary 28th 2004

   I was once again hospitalized for bowel rest due to what my gp doctor and I believe are my adhesions and he suspected that I had a partial blockage. I was sent directly from his office to the Hospital on 1/28/04 while I was in the hospital I was NPO for three days then jello then food! I was release from the hospital on Feb.1, 2004 I'm still suffering from pain and vomiting,nausea, which now I believe to be my Gallbladder giving me trouble! While in the hoispital several test were done and a growth was found on my liver which could be anything. I just had a tagged RBC scan done so we shall see! If that test is inconclusive I will have to have a biopsy done! Adhesions are one thing but when other things come up it intensifies everything!

  I am scared to death of my future, I'm not wealthy I'm on state medical thank goodness because I could not afford my medical other wise. But so many things have gone wrong in my life and it has been extremely hard on me and my family dealing with adhesions and my hospitalizations. I'm worse now then before my hysterectomy. I think my next surgery is going to be my GB and it scares me so, because I almost died with my last surgery I live in constant pain. My surgeon was good but I still am nervous I really don't ever want another surgery but sometimes it can not be helped. I have currently applied for SSI and pray to God I get it. My husband is the sol provider and only makes $9.50 per hour and it is very hard on us! But we have managed to keep the faith through it all.

     I hope someday I can get the right care for my adhesions and have a semi-normal life again being able to do things with out ending up in bed the next day! In the mean time hope a prayer and faith is what I have! Godbless!!!

         Many many hugs to all


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