Marjorie Lee Wantz, age 58, from Sodus, Michigan:
Please take a moment in memory of Marjorie Wantz,
age 58 from Sodus, Michigan
Died October 23, 1991.  

Marjorie was a former elementary school teaching assistant on disability. She suffered for years with undiagnosed chronic pelvic pain! She had unexplained and untreatable pain.  It is stated that Marjorie Wantz had a long history of depression. She died by lethal injection in a double suicide in a cabin in Oakland County's Bald Mountain Recreation Area. 
An autopsy found nothing that could have caused the pain, which Wantz described. 
Wantz was married.  

The second "client" of Dr. Jack Kavorkian, was Marjorie Wantz. When Dr. L.J. Dragovic, pathologist of that county, performed her autopsy...he found “no abnormal pathology “ 
That would offer a basis for her complaints of pain. This pathologist stated that there was NO anatomical evidence of disease at all in her body!!

He also said that she constantly " insisted " she was suffering from some form of pelvic pain;  and, despite SEVERAL operations, she claimed no relief!!  All she was complaining about was unsubstantiated pelvic pain!  

(Bev's comment: May Marjorie rest in peace as she is out of pain now;  but so am I. If only she had a support group like the ”International Adhesions Society” to have contacted back then, agree?)

Let's listen well to Marjorie's fight with her "chronic pelvic pain" It may help us understand her thoughts of wanting assisted suicide...or thoughts of suicide at all!


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