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2001 – 2002 LEGISLATURE           LRB–3838/1

October 8, 2001 – Introduced by Representative GARD. Referred to Committee on
Public Health.

1    Relating to: urging increased awareness of Adhesion Related Disorder.
2         Whereas, efforts to increase awareness regarding health issues that affect
3       residents of the state of Wisconsin merit the support of the Wisconsin state assembly;
4    and
5         Whereas, it is important to call attention to the serious medical condition of
6    adhesion related disorder (ARD), which afflicts many residents of this great state;
7    and
8          Whereas, adhesions are internal scars that frequently occur after surgery and
9     can grow to connect internal organs not normally connected leading to chronic pain,
10   recurrent bowel obstruction, and infertility; and

11        Whereas, in extreme cases, some patients have had to endure over 20
12   operations to remove adhesions because of the propensity for regrowth of scar tissue;
13   and

          14        Whereas, ARD may become so severe that patients are unable to work; health
          15   care or disability insurance is difficult to obtain; family life is devastated; and the
2001 – 2002 Legislature        – 2 –        LRB–3838/1
1     emotional health of ARD sufferers is severely affected, leading to life–threatening

2     depression and isolation; and

3          Whereas, hospital admissions for ARD number over 300,000 per year, rivaling

4     those for heart bypass, appendectomy, and other common operations, yet the

5     awareness of this serious condition is relatively low; and

6          Whereas, the lack of awareness about adhesions and ARD means that many

7     doctors do not understand the condition and are unable to treat adhesions, insurance

8     companies are unwilling to pay for treatment, and patients’ efforts to get well are

9      continually frustrated; and

10        Whereas, the International Adhesion Society was formed in 1996 to promote

11    awareness about adhesions, to provide support to patients and information to

12    medical professionals, and to encourage research into adhesions and their

13    prevention; and

14        Whereas, in recognition of the debilitating effects ARD has had on those

15    afflicted, it is incumbent upon the residents of this state to support the courageous

16    individuals living and coping with this painful condition; now, therefore, be it

17        Resolved by the assembly, That the members of the Wisconsin assembly

18     hereby recognize ARD, promote awareness of this debilitating condition, and

19     support further research leading to advancements in the treatment of this disorder;

20     and, be it further

21        Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall transmit copies of this

22     resolution to Beverly Doucette, the International Adhesion Society, and the

23     Wisconsin Medical Society.

24                                                      (END)

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