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I say this now before you continue, if anyone thinks that MY opinions will offend them, then do NOT read things that I write and place in this web site as they express MY opinion only!

Five Years Later: The “Birth of Adhesion Related Disorder
“What Have The Victims of ARD learned?”
Never secure a surgery with a surgeon who doesn’t 

Only 5 1/2 years ago if a person went to the Internet and typed in 
the word(s) "adhesions" the return would produce web sites about, 
"Dental Adherents" OR "Industrial Strength Glue!" 
I did this very thing day after day, and oh, how I would pray for help as 
my days grew darker and darker with the reality that there was no 
answer out there to help me! 

Just 5 1/2 years ago! Seems so long ago for me, yet, it seems like 
yesterday when I look around me and see so many still praying to be 
brought out of their dark days, and yet, you go to the Internet today 
and type in the word(s) "adhesions" and hundreds of web sites 
come up relating to "Adhesions!" 
"Post surgical adhesions" 
"Blunt Trauma Adhesions" 
"Spontaneous Adhesions"

Adhesions of the lower lumbar, adhesions of the brain tissue, joints, eyes, 
you name the body part and it will probably be associated with "adhesions!" 

EVERYONE and ANYONE associated with ANYTHING that has to 
do with the human body KNOW about "Adhesions!" Not only do they 
KNOW about adhesions, they all have the ANSWER 
to the symptoms of adhesions! 

Be it herbal remedies to electro-stimulators, groups and individuals, 
from herbalists to researchers, surgeons to pain clinics, plastic 
surgeons to physical therapists...they all have the answers I 
spent years trying to secure! 
I mean, think about this for a minute? 

I will bet that anyone of you who is reading this post could count on 
ALL your fingers, (and probably on all your toes as well,) "professional" people who you have 
either seen in person or found via the Internet that have "offered" some 
form of resolution for your adhesion symptoms! 

That "offer of help" was for one or more symptoms, and we all have more then one symptom, 
but anyway, I bet you found MORE offers to help you then you can find "NOT" to help you! 
And then when you pursued the offer, you found out that those making this offer 
didn't really know about ARD let alone YOUR symptoms.. am I right?

And unless YOU either educated them as to ARD symptoms and issues, 
they simply did the same things to you that I experienced prior to 5 years ago, 
which were to tell you that you need tons of diagnostic tests, and that your pain can't be real or 
from adhesions as there is no conclusive source that has found that adhesions cause pain, 
(though Dr. Mike Diamond certainly HAS statistics that associate pain with abdominal/pelvic pain) 
but unless the attending person elects to believe those findings, they can easily tell you that you 
have no pain thus no diagnosable problem they can actually help you with, and forget them giving 
you pain pills as they KNOW that is what you came to them for in the first place!

Never mind that it was THEIR advertisement that stated they were 
specialists in ARD!

So, you trusted that this person, no matter who they were or what 
their claim to help victims of ARD was...they did not produce for you, 
HOWEVER, they did make a few bucks on your visit! 
The only good news here is that you didn't get hurt worse for the help, but no hurt either!

Adhesion Specialists: Surgeons!!

Now, THIS is an area in which ALL victims of ARD MUST be wise in 
if they are to protect themselves from getting hurt if this 
person, this surgeon, was anything like those persons looking to capitalize on our 
symptoms like the ones I mentioned above here! 

How many of you have been taken in by or just "taken" by a surgeon 
who tells you, or someone else who tells you, that they are an "ADHESION SPECIALIST!" 
Then you go to them and, in some cases, you bite and have a 
surgery with them...only to find out that 
you’re not any better for that surgery? So, do you go again? And again? And, are you going 
because you heard they were an "ADHESION SPECIALIST?" 

How many of you have been taken in by or just "taken" by a surgeon who tells you, or 
someone else who tells you, that they are an "ADHESION SPECIALIST!" 
Then you go to them and, in some cases, you realize that this person doesn't know 
as much about ARD as you had expected them to know, let alone know enough 
about the symptoms of ARD, which YOU know ARE real, but YOUR finding out that 
this surgeon knows better then you about ARD symptoms, and it is NOT 
what you have been experiencing, oh no, not at all...they know this because they are, 
"ADHESION SPECIALISTS," and YOUR only a patient! 

The real scary part in this scenario is that the "not so wise" ARD patient not only 
COULD get hurt by what they don't know because THEY did not bother to become
informed enough prior to the appointment with the "Wolf
in Sheep’s" clothing, they probably WILL be hurt by this surgeon! 
Their own fault, not like there isn't information and enough avenues to secure 
information about ARD available today! For anyone who is worse for a surgery they 
elected to have by a self proclaimed "ADHESION SPECIALIST," it's a tough way to learn an easy lesson! 

This may sound cold to say, but I cannot tell you how many times victims of ARD 
continue to be victimizes simply because THEY didn't take responsibility or the time 
to become educated enough about ARD to protect themselves, and I can 
only accept the excuse that they were "intimidated" by the surgeon or another person 
so they agreed to the surgery! 
Okay reap what you sow! 

The "wise" victims of ARD, though feeling liked they were skunked once again when 
they present to a surgeon claiming to be an ,"ADHESION SPECIALISTS," do not 
bite! THEY are informed enough about ARD before going to these self proclaimed,” 
ADHESION SPECIALISTS," and are not going into any surgery with just any 
surgeon just because they used the term "ADHESION SPECIALIST," and the 
informed patient was not impressed enough to allow themselves to be taken in! 
THEY knew what questions to ask and even greater, THEY already knew what the 
answers should be IF the surgeon REALLY was an "ADHESION SPECIALIST!" 

My point is this...

If you go back to the top of my comments here and re-read that just 5 1/2 years ago 
there was not one single word about adhesions mentioned on the Internet, not one!
BUT, 5 years ago there was three Dr.'s who not only mentioned "adhesions" they 
KNEW enough about them to discuss them, and they knew enough about them to 
know it was a BIG problem, and a painful one at that! And not one of these Dr.'s ever 
made the claim of being an "ADHESION SPECIALIST!" All they did was say that 
they wanted to help the victims of ARD in some way, somehow, they wanted to help, 
and that is what they did! I don't need to mention names, as my point is that there 
were THREE professional medical persons back then who stepped up to the plate 
and brought it to the attention of the public..and these three knew more then just how 
to spell "ADHESIONS!"

And TODAY, my God, today there are thousands of, "every person" you can imagine 
crawling out of the woodwork claiming to be

So NOW the surgeons have the answers to adhesions? NOW they can help abort 
the formation of adhesions? NOW they are skilled enough to offer an adhesiolysis 
that will either stop adhesions from forming OR they will offer an adhesiolysis in 
which our current symptoms will be resolved! NOW???

Now all surgeons can deal with adhesions?
Now they can decrease adhesion formation in their surgeries? NOW?
NOW they have the answers to the problems adhesions cause this answer?

“Yes, I can offer a laporoscopic adhesiolysis with great results, however, you will 
probably need a bowel resection for constipation as we have no idea if the 
constipation is related to the years of pain meds your on or if there is just to many 
adhesions on your bowel for us to lyse, as we are not THAT skilled in adhesiolysis, 
but we can do bowel resections! WE do two or three a month!

…Please Read…
“Adhesions and Bowel Resections”
Is A Resection Necessary?

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