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“Brutally Honest Bev”
Get used to this, as this is what you get when you visit this section!

I say this now before you continue, if anyone thinks that MY opinions will offend them, then do NOT read things that I write and place in this area of this web site as they express MY opinion only!

How do WE accomplish the awesome task that lies ahead of us?

WHO are the "WE"? 
WHO leads and WHO follows?
     I am a believer that around every "gray cloud" that enters our lives, a “silver lining” can be found, if we just look for it!
I found one in the issues of some ARD support groups have elected to treat each other via their Internet dealings with one another, for a couple of them, and it was not condusive to the cause of ARD in a positive way. Non the less, it caused me to look at how we, the victims of ARD, relate to one another as we walk this new pathway since finding one another after so many years of walking that path alone. I will share my opinions and thoughts on what I see happening in some relationships between ARD sufferers themselves, as sharing this is a therapeutic way for me to get rid of things that I am saddened by. This is for me, and if anyone else elects to read my thoughts and opinions, so be it, but again I reinterate, that these are my thoughts and opinions reflected in all that I share in this web site and not ever do I expect anyone to share my views on life as I see it.
I am saddened and puzzled by some of the other ARD web site refusing to be linked to us if we allowed other ARD
       web sites to be linked here.  Though they were not sites within the USA, they are important and equal, as are any
      other ARD support site or any web sites that helps spread mutual awareness of these medical issues.  THIS site is
       an informational ARD site specifically, and it is our intention to link with as many  ARD site that supports the few
       pathways that offer support, education, awareness and assistance to one of the most suffering groups of people in
       the world today, the victims of ARD and Endo, among other associated disorders!  Must all ARD support sites be
        under one code of “rules” to be affective or “acceptable?  Is there no room for variety of opinions and material? 
       This sites support of links to others sites does not portray that those sites are in any way aligned with our agenda, no more then we are aligned with the agenda's expressed in those sites

      The importance of supporting other ARD sites is simple, the one "common" agenda of offering the victims of ARD the
       opportunities to travel every path we know to be available to them in their personal quests to find peace within their  pain and suffering.

      It would be an injustice to the victims of ARD if all supporting web sites and groups were the same, as to be different
       means different people can have different needs met, make choices and compare services offered and learn from a
      variety of perspective. Being "different" is a good thing, and anyone who takes the time to offer information on ARD is
         worthy of recognition as this is the only way changes will be implemented in the lives of the victims of ARD! 
       We at Adhesion Related pray that hundreds, if not thousands of supporting web sites, appear on the
                    internet, as no matter each agenda, they ALL ultimately offer awareness of 
"Adhesion Related Disorder!"

When we see support groups take  "sides" and not wiling to overcome issues to allow themslevs to participate in mutual support for one cause, the cuase they state they support!  This behavior only serves to put a wedge in what could be a time when we, the victims of ARD, are trying to rise above behaviors we have been exposed to for many years and that contributed to our suffering!  For years many within the medical arena were secretive, insulting, manipulating, and controlling and in far too many cases, deliberately withholding the truth of ARD as being the reasons for our suffering. These actions not only compounded our suffering of physical wounds, they bashed our very essence of being so that we were not able to cope with ARD issues let alone do anything to effectively help ourselves. To add insult to injury, they successfully kept us apart and alone in all that suffering.  It cuts me deep when I think of my days of suffering that way, so sad and so alone. 
It is for these memories that I have the drive to reach out and touch the lives of other victims of ARD, to right wrongs, to seek justice for injustices done to us and to change what I can change and by me pursuing these avenues, I heal myself from things the things I cannot change that happened to me.   I will never stop my quest to do everything in my power that my heart tells me must to be done so that my fellow ARD sufferers might be spared from suffering the same indignities and trauma my walk with ARD was for me! 
There is good news as well, as we did discover that there were in fact, MANY, within the medical/research community who had been and continue to, work to find resolutions for this most insidious affliction, the sad news was that they were not and still do not work in cooperation with one another, thus bottle-necking progress and possible cures!  Lots of boats in the water, but to many rowing in different directions with some rowing with only one paddle while others make considerable progress, only to be caught up in a whirlpool called "government!" 

All people have different perceptions of things they experience, and this is my take on these issues based on things I have personally experienced in my walk with ARD, nothing more, and nothing less.

We, the victims of ARD, have our work cut out for us if we intend to institute changes and secure ways in which to help ourselves. Now that we are aware that these issues exist and how they directly impact our lives each and every day, how can we not do something about it? In my opinion, there is only one answer to that questions...
ALL of us must try to do something about it, together!

         How do WE accomplish the awesome task that lies ahead of us?

My heart says that we accomplish this task by all victims of ARD coming together with the
 joining of minds, hearts and souls to become ONE voice for all!
My heart says that that this one voice be raised the from every corner of the world, in joyful noise filled with a strong presence of fierce determination to be heard and understood!

   WHO are the "WE"? 

 My heart says that "WE" the victims of ARD, present and future, and with being the voice of those past ARD sufferers, WE stand together to make these changes happen!

My heart says that "WE" the victims of ARD, can all get into OUR boats, row with all oars in the water at the same time and in the same direction, not allowing anyone or anything to stand in our way of accomplishing goals we set and pursue! 

What does YOUR heart say?

WHO leads and WHO follows?

ALL victims of ARD 
Lead and Follow!

ALL victims of ARD must work together if we are to the goals within 
        our hearts realized, and those goals differ little from one to another
        of us, then ALL victims of ARD must be respected! 
ALL victims of ARD must be listened to; ALL victims of ARD must be heard, 
ALL victims of ARD must be free to express and pursue ALL avenues without
        being dictated to, controlled, manipulated, suppressed, chastised and 
        treated in  any other way then with sincere "grandma taught respect!" 
ALL victims of ARD must listen to others with compassion, understanding 
and soft heart, 
ALL victims of ARD must never judge or condemn a fellow ARD sufferer, 
ALL victims of ARD must be sensitive to the needs of others and not reach out to
        one another ARD victim with malice towards them.
ALL victims of ARD must be free to be just as they are when among 
        their fellow ARD victims and not fear persecution from their own
        least we, as fellow victims, be judged by our peers in the world of ARD! 

The victims of
"Adhesion Related Disorder"

have know persecution in thier lives for too long, it is time
that we, those same victims, do our best to heal wounds by responding to each other
with compassion, understanding, patience and love, sprinkled with kindness and sincerity. 
To be understood and effective in healing victims of ARD, those qualities must be shared by 
those who have walked this nightmare, as through that nightmare, we also grew to be wise 
in the ways that our pain and suffering can be healed, no others can accomplish that healing but those who have suffered it themselves.
Honor and justice live! 
 I will be honest and steadfast to my quest to change what I can for the 
cause of ARD, no matter the consequences to myself! 
Who am I to shirk the commitment I made to serve my Lord
when before me walked one who paid the ultimate 
sacrifice in his service to his Lord!
"One man scorned and covered with scars, with his last ounce of 
courage and breath, continued to serve his Lord!"

There is no fame in ARD
Brutally Honest about
ARD Web sites
Opinion on ADHESION Support Groups

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