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“Brutally Honest Bev”
Get used to this, as this is what you get when you visit this section!

I say this now before you continue, if anyone thinks that MY opinions will offend them, then do NOT read things that I write and place in this area of this web site as they express MY opinion only!

There is no fame, gain or glory to be found in the world of 
"Adhesion Related Disorder"

Base your answers on YOUR personal expectations

True or False? 

  Victims of ARD will not secure the best type of help there is available to them, by denying themselves the opportunity to learn what is available out in the world today!  The safest and highest quality intervention for victims of ARD will only be secured through a variety of avenues made available to them through a variety of web sites that are filled with material that can be tapped for their personal use. 
 Victims of ARD DO need to hear names of surgeons/medical care providers who have shown promise in trying to help them. Though the ARD sufferer might not elect to secure any one of them for medical intervention, it does offer hope that there is help out there and when they do their OWN research on any medical care provider, they will make the final determination as to securing any intervention with any medical care provider mentioned! Why wouldn’t we share anyway?
Victims of ARD have secured improvements in their symptoms by utilizing medical care providers that they have heard mentioned by other ARD sufferers. Names must be shared in this area of medicine, as there are so few who even know how to spell "adhesions" let alone perform an effective adhesiolysis!
Victims of ARD must utilize a variety of means to be able to compare services offered,
Victims of ARD must strive to challenge themselves to research the issues of interest so that they are informed enough to make an informed decisions about interventions chosen, 
Victims of ARD must take advantage of the various groups that offer guidance and information that is “unbiased and honest,” and "FOR the ARD sufferer" 
Victims of ARD must secure a support group that has nothing to lose or to gain in any personal way and in which the needs of the sufferer are first and foremost
Victims of ARD are best served to go with their "feelings" as to whether they are “receiving support” in a wholesome, respectful way, that will build self - esteem, give courage and strength when needed, or do you "feel" controlled, manipulated and denied freedom of speech and your desire to share all that “you feel” the need to share within that support group. 
Victims of ARD are not necessarily best served by one support group, as they have many needs that differ, and as I stated before, different web sites offer different things, and where a need might be met in one, another need might be denied simply by not allowing yourself the opportunity to search for it.
Victims of ARD are best served to run for the door and closing it behind you if you are exposed to a support group that “gossips,” demeans and bashes other support groups or other persons to gain “importance” for them selves, And last but not least, 
 Do YOU, Victims of ARD, allow yourself get involved in things such as this? If so, have you asked yourself why? What purpose it serves? And do you really think that who ever it is your “gossiping” with is not “gossiping” about you as well?
If the support group or web site doesn’t “feel” right for you, then maybe you’re following someone’s “personal” agenda and not at all what you think the agenda for something really is! Ask questions and do not simply follow anyone blindly!
YOU can tell if something your involved with is right for you as
YOU will “feel” that it is right!    Go with your instincts

Base your answers on YOUR personal expectations
True or False?

Founders of ARD support groups must be “selfless” and "respectfully" serve the needs of those who turn to the site seeking help as this person is willing to give of himself or herself on your web site as well. 
Founders of ARD support groups must strive NOT to focus attention on “themselves” and their needs, as if this is expected and not secured, others seeking support are at risk of being denied access to the web site by an unfulfilled founder. 
Founders of ARD support groups must never seek to serve the needs of a select few people, but strive instead to serve the needs of ALL who present to any given support group. 
Founders of ARD support groups must strive to meet the needs of others in an unbiased and equal way, for those who entrust themselves to your care are all worthy of what you offer.
Founders of ARD support groups must never, ever attempt to place on another victim of ARD, feelings of guilt for anything that person might elect to pursue, be the founder agree with that action or not. If a founder of a support group exhibits this type of behavior, walk away and do not go back!
Founders of ARD support groups must never chastise a victim of ARD if they seek to visit or secure information from another group or web site,
Founders of ARD support groups must not expect a "pledge" of allegiance to their specific group or threaten “supporters” in an attempt to control them for personal reasons. 
Founders of ARD support groups must never manipulate a victim of ARD for any purpose, if you expect certain behaviors to conform to something, explain what and why so those seeking support in your group have the opportunity to decide if that group can meet their needs effectively.
Founders of ARD support groups must never use the suffering of victims of ARD in an attempt to capitalize on that for gainful recognition or for any other purpose then to benefit the cause of ARD overall.
Founders of ARD support groups must not demean other groups or other people in their attempts to promote or signal that their support group is the most important or elite, as that only serves to deny those who support your site the opportunities to be free to surf other ARD sites at will!
When a group or person(s) drops to this level of communicating through a support group, it is time to leave that group and/or walk away from that person as it serves NO purpose to do this in any situation we face in life, let alone on a “support” group for suffering people!

Honor and justice will live in all who are
Honest to their quest of helping their fellow man!
One man scorned and covered with scars, with his last ounce of courage, continued to reach for his unreachable star, will you?
 "For profit" web sites and "special interest" web sites have something to gain from ARD sufferers, usually a financial gain, so they are not unbiased as to their goals as they are looking for patients or clients for pay.  This doesn’t mean they do not offer great information, just that they are “for profit” sites.
“Not for profit” is usually ARD support groups of and by victims them selves, and offer tons of services, material support, direction and guidance as well as friendships, through which even more information can be secured as the victim of ARD re-builds their life and hopefully, go on their way to a healthier future.


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